Chris Wells, Broker/Owner



Chris, is originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts but has been living in Naples since 2012. He began his real estate career in 1985, while simultaneously working in banking and finance, where he was a licensed Registered Representative, Investment Advisor, and bank C.E.O. Over the years, Chris was recognized as a top producer with one of the largest wealth management companies in the world, and operated a bank ranked top in its class in Massachusetts.

Chris’s primary focus is providing customers access to the most up-to-date information and perspectives to help them reach their real estate goals in and around Naples. He has an extensive background in residential and commercial real estate ownership and development, and in addition to operating a Family Office, is a licensed FL general contractor experienced in navigating the construction process.

If you are seeking to purchase or make a change with your family home, a long-term investment, or an overview on all the joy that comes with being involved with real estate in southwest Florida, please call Chris at 508-364-0686 (cell) or 239-529-2803.

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